Lace Frontal 13 x 4 (option to select origin and curl)

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13x4 Lace frontals cover a larger area than closure as they will have a temple to temple hairline. This larger temple to temple area in combination with the replication of a natural hairline allows for many off the face type of hairstyles that are not possible with a regular closure. Our Hair extensions has minimal to no shedding and does not tangle, all cuticles intact and unidirectional. Our virgin hair extensions are silky, durable and long lasting especially when properly maintained. Our hair is NOT mixed with any synthetic fibers, the cuticles all lay in one direction which offers long lasting usage, no shedding and no tangling. The versatility of our hair gives you a natural wave, yet affords the ease of switching to straight when flat ironed. Due to the delicate nature of the materials in which it is constructed from, lacefrontals may have a lifespan of 3-12 months depending on a variety of factors that contribute to the wear factor. 

 Our 13x4 Closure some in various styles:



Deep wave

Body Wave