New Chic Minks by Swanky Chic Hair so unbelievably natural looking. Each individual strand on these mink false eyelashes subtly overlap for a lustrous and heavenly effect. Chic Mink lashes are so easy to apply and comfortable.

We offer Authentic mink lashes which  are  softer, lighter, and glossier finish that adds an extra pop to a beautiful set of extensions.

We also offer a top of the line faux mink lashes used to prevent possible allergic reactions  Our premium faux mink lashes are finely crafted from a synthetic material that mimics the softness and natural shape of real mink eyelash extensions.

You can wear them for a full day and my eyes do not get irritated. With just enough volume for a somewhat dramatic look that works really well for makeup of any occasion. They are of perfect length and flare out naturally.