Mink Lashes

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Chic Minks by SwankyChic Hair

Mink Strip Lashes 

* 100% mink hair accent strip lashes.

Stack-able, and Reusable (Suggested use 10-12 wears). Glue sold separately. 


These lashes are perfect for any daytime look! Your lashes will look fuller and thicker in the outer corners, but without looking overdone. Make your eyes  unique and unforgettable by adding Chic Minks by SwankyChic Hair.

Re-useable and long lasting, making these strip lashes a great little investment.


 How to use Stirp Lashes:  

1-Remove lashes from case lifting side edge gently.
2-Ajust the length of lashes on top of your natural lashes.
3-Hold them with tweezers and apply a hairline strip of adhesive along the lashes edge band.
4-Let adhesive sit and dry for 30 seconds then apply on your eye lid, as close to your natural lashes as possible.


* Set includes Strip Lash only, Adhesive not included.